Sparking Joy and friendship – and a better health

SuperPark is an entertainer. We deliver a unique experience of joyful play that excites and unites people all over the world – no matter their age or fitness level. We want our customers to take care of the joy while we work with research and development – in order to serve the world even better.



Education Finland is a governmental cluster programme supporting the best education providers in their growth on the international market. The programme is coordinated by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

SuperPark is a proud member of Education Finland.

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Know-How from Finland

We intend to lead the world in entertaining exercise and stress free learning – or sparking as our customers call it. With determination, we continue on this path to greatness by putting time and effort into cutting edge scientific research that will help us better understand how and why the mobile generation wants to move – and ultimately, how to serve the world better.


Sparking is for everyone

Out the front, SuperPark bustles with joy, friendship and movement. Out the back, we are hard at work with our researchers, measuring the side effects of sparking. The first research about sparking has landed, and the results are fantastic! According to our research SuperPark is:

  • A proven place to meet new people.
  • A place for fun, learning and development.
  • A diverse arena with a number of unique activities to suit all tastes.
  • Well known for its warm, fun, welcoming atmosphere and staff.
  • A great place to learn new tricks and skills.
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Physiology of Sparking

Visiting SuperPark significantly contributes to meeting the WHO physical activity recommendations. In other words, the potential to improve health in the long run. The main findings are:

  • Visiting SuperPark decreases sedentary time and increases heart rate and overall fitness in children.
  • Many SuperPark activities increase cognitive performance in children.
  • Sparking promotes cardiovascular (heart) and neuromuscular (muscle) performance in both children and adults.
  • In the long term, sparking can reduce the risk of chronic disease, and helps maintain and improve functional capacity (lifting, pulling, pushing and balancing).

Active Friendship

And the research keeps rolling in! According to the research, SuperPark is indeed for everyone! All feel welcome, no matter their background, gender, shape or size. It’s a discrimination-free zone. In addition:

  • Coming to SuperPark influences further exercise outside the park.
  • Skills mean more to SuperPark’s young visitors than fitness, appearance or health.
  • Sparkers talk about the friendships, experiences and connections they experience when visiting SuperPark. Fitness is a welcome side effect.
  • SuperPark is an all-season activity oasis. People love that the weather doesn’t influence their participation.
  • Our parks have the best quality trampolines and air track for either serious training or light-hearted fun with friends.

Stress free learning

We learn through play. SuperPark is the prime environment for multi-layered learning experiences and we are rolling them out while you spark! Many of our activities maximise ‘full-bodied learning’ so that your body and mind are being flexed at the same time. We also have some exciting new learning activities for the mini-sparkers. Creating a learning culture is at the heart of everything SuperPark does. Everybody who sets foot on SuperPark turf is an agent for learning!



Children love to move. SuperPark gives our smallest guests the freedom to develop important motor skills, in a safe and exciting environment, alongside their parents.


SuperPark is the place to be for teenagers! We give them the opportunity to shake off all that pent up energy! There is plenty of room for movement, fun and friendship here!


SuperPark is not just for kids. We don’t discriminate! Adults can also come here to burn off extra calories, perfect their somersaults on the trampolines or skate with the teens.


If you are looking for a great way to re-connect with your family, SuperPark provides a fantastic setting. You don’t even have to pack a lunch box! Just turn up and we take care of the rest.


Coming to SuperPark can also be an educational experience! Integrate whole-class exercise with school subjects such as Physical Education, Science and Mathematics!

Sport clubs

How about adding to your team’s practice and skill building by spending the day at SuperPark. A change of scenery can really build team morale and enthusiasm!


What better way to celebrate the end of year or build team spirit by spending the day at SuperPark. We offer full packages for companies to focus on the human aspect of their businesses.

Other groups

SuperPark really is the place to be for individuals or groups. We have a setting that is  flexible enough for any type of group: big or small, professional or casual. Drop by and see for yourself!



Children are made to move with joy, but adults are too! SuperPark encourages everyone to join in. Our Adventure Area includes obstacle walls, trampolines, zip wires, slides, playtowers, pedal car racing track to name a few. This section of our indoor playground has so much to offer! There is something here for everyone!



SuperPark’s Game Arena is a great place to practice your baseball swing and pitching, test the power of your slap shot and hone your accuracy on the basketball court. There are sports for kids and sports for families. This indoor activity park has it all! Performance is measured by radars and other digital systems, so why not challenge yourself and your friends!



The skate and scoot world, trampolines, foam pit, big air, parkour course, and gymnastics floor of SuperPark’s Freestyle Hall provide a safe environment for putting your skills to the test. It is an all-in-one indoor sports park that has to be seen to be believed. Supporting beginners, professionals, and everyone in between. Dive in and enjoy!


Restaurant and Catering

SuperPark’s super-popular lunch buffets are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Would you like soup, salad or a hot meal? Outside lunch time our most popular meals are mouth-watering burgers, authentic hot dogs and super salads, which can be customised with our range of dips. Our restaurants also offer tailor-made, gourmet catering from breakfast to dinner. Combined with our personalised service and unique setting, customer events are sure to be both successful and unforgettable.