Finnish Roots.
Global Dreams.

Humbly Finnish and proudly global, we are a people-centred company with a deep and important purpose. To deliver joy, friendship and the opportunity to move your body in safe and welcoming surrounds.


Vuokatti, Finland

Iconic Finnish nature and culture. This is our home. This is our birthplace.

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The Man behind SuperPark

Taneli Sutinen had a moment of inspiration as he watched his daughter play at a small indoor playground for children. As he tried to relax over a newspaper and a doughnut, he couldn’t seem to catch a break. His daughter insisted that he play with her. As he tried to navigate the tiny children’s activities with his daughter, he thought to himself: “There has to be a better way…” It was at this moment that the idea of SuperPark was born.

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SuperCrew – People with purple hearts.

Luis from SuperPark Vuokatti is one of us. We truly think that working for SuperPark is more than just a job. We consider our colleagues to be our family. Each staff member has a story to tell and a passion to be shared.

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