From the happiest country in the world

Humbly Finnish and proudly global, we are a people-centred company with a deep and important purpose. We want to deliver a unique experience of joyful play that excites and unites people all over the world – no matter their age or fitness level. We welcome around 1 million smiling customers this year and the number of guests is increasing rapidly.

We opened our first SuperPark in Finland 2012 and became global 2017. Since the very beginning we have believed in what we do. We are not focusing on either one activity or one target group, but on researching, designing and implementing multi-layered, safe and high quality venues bursting with joy and movement.


Core values that have taken us where we are today

  1. Joy of movement: We are committed to deliver joy, friendship and inspiration
  2. Social interaction: Our DNA is founded upon creating venues for families and friends to participate together
  3. Accessibility for all: The power of play is suitable for everyone – no matter your age, background, gender, shape or size
  4. Digital is always physical: All our digital activities and content are based on physical movement
  5. Cutting edge research: We put time and effort to understand how and why the mobile generation wants to move – and ultimately, how to serve the world better
  6. Finnish approach: We originate from the happiest country in the world and the way we interact with others is influenced by our birthplace
  7. Purple heart: We are convinced that our passion for joyful play excites and unites people all over the world