Meet the SuperCrew

People with big purple hearts. We are SuperPark.



Instructor, SuperPark Espoo


Feelings from my purple heart: SuperPark simply is the best workplace so far! What I love most are my supportive colleagues, motivating atmosphere, physical exercise and the kids of course!

Top moment as a SuperPark instructor so far: A young seasonal pass owner shouted spontaneously when arriving to the park ”Yes, Iisa is working today!” He also told me that I am his favourite instructor. These kind of moments are priceless!

My favourite entertaining exercise: I love gymnastics and tricks – from hand walking, to trampolines, to climbing.



Shift manager, SuperPark Vuokatti


My favourite entertaining exercise: I love ball games. Especially those that require focus and control.

Top moment as a SuperPark instructor so far: Once a teenager hurt himself in the freestyle hall. When giving first aid I was talking quite frankly to him. Ever since we have become quite good friends. I’m so glad to meet him regularly when he comes to the park.

Word of mouth: My colleagues think I am a friendly, helpful and inspiring shift manager.



Instructor, SuperPark Espoo


Why SuperPark: SuperPark is a place with lots of fun, nice people and exciting tricks!

Top moments as an instructor so far: Playing around with kids and teenagers in a positive atmosphere. To hear comments like ’SuperPark is best’ and also ’You are quite ok’ makes my purple heart smile.

My entertaining exercise: I am crazy about sports – especially soccer. SuperPinball, SuperHoop, Hockey slapshot and the trampolines are my favourites.