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We are always open to suitable licensees who care to carry on the SuperPark dream. This unique concept creates an opportunity for a profitable business. SuperPark can be the sole business of the licensee, or it can support the other lines of business that the licensee might have. SuperPark can help create collaborations for the licensee e.g. with new customers, cost sharing, and increasing customer interest. We are open to multiple or single licences. The right kind of licensee finds SuperPark’s values and background fascinating and is interested in the same values and growth that we are.

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SuperPark Premises

SuperParks are established in highly frequented locations such as big cities, shopping malls, retail parks, tourist resorts, entertainment and leisure centres. If you know a property that fills the following criteria you might have a diamond on your hands:

  • Small 1000-2000 m², Medium 2.000-4.000 m² or Big venue with 4.000-7.000 m²
  • Good access to the area by car, by train, by bus or similar
  • Lots of families and teens living nearby or visiting the area regularly
  • The property is in a prominent position
  • The area is not adjacent to a construction site for the next 1-3 years

The Lessor shall present facts to verify the existence of a sufficient population or potential customer base (e.g. tourists) in the environs of the envisioned location. These facts can be presented by commissioning a separate market survey or by otherwise compiling market data from public sources.

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Is your corporate or personal brand linked with brand attributes such as move, play, joy, learn or together? Do you have a close relationship with kids, teenagers or families. Do you co-operate with schools or sports clubs? If yes, there might be a chance for co-branding, sales partnership or even sponsorship. Tell us more about yourself!

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New content for SuperPark

We are constantly developing the SuperPark environment in order to deliver better customer experiences. Both physical and digital environments are developed simultaneously. If you have a product that gets kids, teenagers and families moving, learning and smiling- share it with us! Together we might have the power to catapult your business idea to the next level.

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