SuperPark unites people

Humans have an innate call for togetherness. The SuperPark concept is designed around this important need. Welcome aboard this #sprprk flight!

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    “You are made to move!”

    This is SuperPark. For kids and teenagers. For adults and families. For beginners, for professionals. For all. We challenge you to stay still while watching this cool snippet of our happy family!

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    Ladies just wanna have fun

    A group of women came to SuperPark just to have some fun together. Look at their moves and feel inspired by the glint in their eyes. “I feel like a teenager again!” exclaimed one of them.

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    Friday night at SuperPark.

    Andre Jesus, from Brazil, chose to spend another Friday night in SuperPark. Take a look at the master in action!

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    “We wanna go back!”

    Nitro Circus visited SuperPark to find out what the hype is all about. They were so impressed that they challenged the US to ‘step their game up’ and create a park to match the awesomeness of our very own SuperPark.

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    Junior World Champion 2017 and 2018

    Mirko Lahti, 2017 and 2018 Junior World Champion of downhill skating, works and trains in SuperPark. Mirko truly loves speed inside and outside the park. You will be holding your breath as you watch him in action!

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